Illegal Guns Cross Bordes into Mexican Drug Cartel Hands

PHOENIX — The government has found that in the war…

PHOENIX — The government has found that in the war against drug traffickers, nearly all guns used by mexican drug cartels are smuggled into Mexico from the U.S. due in part by corrupt American weapons dealers.  While authorities do not know just how many firearms are sneaked across the U.S.-Mexico border, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives announced that more than 7,700 guns sold in America were traced to Mexico last year.  This number has increased by 4,400 since last year and is predicted to continue to grow.

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  • This is a LIE. What regular American gun store carries fully automatic weapons (FFL required to buy one), RPGs etc.? The Drug Cartels have BILLIONS of dollars to spend…does anyone think they rely on US guns smuggled across the border when they can import whatever they need from numerous other foreign sources. Consider the sophistication of the Drug Cartels…submarine delivery systems, tunnels under the border in many places… American guns are not the PROBLEM THE PROBLEM IS THAT OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT REFUSES TO PROTECT OUR BORDER. O and Holder…have joined w the Narco State Mexico to sue the Soverign Citizens of Arizona. Mexico a failed state with over 25 k of KIA in the last 5 years.

  • Viking

    A lot of guns falling into the cartels hands are from Federales and Police that go over to the cartels and end up using all their training and equipment working for groups such as “Los Zetas” which are paramilitary goups working for the cartels carrying out kidnappings, murders and drug smuggling escorting shipments. Of course there are many weapons south of Mexico finding their way north. Oh yes, let’s not forget Hugo Chavez’ AK47 factory, second only to factories in Russia.More Obama efforts to blame Americans for the troubles in Mexico.

  • Those yo-yo’s need to get their facts straight.When will they ever learn?I know,,never.

  • joe anthony

    Stock up on your ammo boys and girls looks like will will be needing it after all. The Obama Administration will disarm the America populace just to leave us like lambs waiting on the slaughter. Sanctuary cities and porous borders are destroying this country. The Mexican Drug Cartels are all over the United States and Obama will ban guns and leave the cartels in place. I missed out on some .223 and .308 recently and substituted my purchase with 5.45×39 and 7.62×54 (the good yugo stuff).
    Recently yahoo ran a bunch of pictures with “weapons” captured from the drug cartel. It has to be noted that in the picture was the following smoke grenades, some 40m/m grenades (looked like the once fired aluminum “M-79 era I could be wrong-looked like once fired and pushed back into the casing) but what could not be mistaken was 50 AK/SKS tin oilers (single compartment looked like what centerfire systems sold a while back)Keep an eye on the pics and send e-mail responses to the writers- a lot of this is BS.

  • william hall

    i think more effort,time and intelligence must be spend on the war on america”s border.when south africa fought the border war in mainly, the now Namibia,the damage done through terror attacks in south african cities(the same and worse, what is now being experienced on your mexican border)brought on far worse problems, than a war being fought far away on some border.Fight fire with a bigger and meaner fire!