Illinois county considers ‘violence tax’ on guns and ammo

Officials in Illinois' Cook County are eyeing a so-called "violence…

Officials in Illinois’ Cook County are eyeing a so-called “violence tax” on guns and ammo — a move aimed at curbing violence and closing the budget gap, but one that’s drawing a rebuke from the gun lobby. reports that homicides in Chicago are up 25 percent this year, and some officials in surrounding Cook County are looking to use such a tax to curb the number of guns in circulation.

But NRA lobbyist Todd Vandermyde told the Chicago Sun-Times it’s “just another example of the blame game.”

“Chicago and Cook County has a gun violence problem, Chicago’s got a high high school drop-out rate, they’ve got a drug problem, they’ve got a gang problem, but they want to make legal gun owners, guys like me, the scapegoat,” he said.

The Sun-Times reports that Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle is leading the charge for the tax, though the specific amount is unclear.

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  • Joe

    Nothing like this amazes me, especially if it it in Cook County, Illinois. The Democratic Party in Illinois has been doing everything they can to erase all vestiges of personal liberties, and yet the idiots who vote these nuts in don’t seem to grasp what is being done to them. They have high crime and murder rates because of the Democrats who hold power there. These same poli-crooks know that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens actually decrease crime, but that is against their agenda. If the manufacturers of firearms, who are located in Illinois, would move to gun friendly states, they would deprive Illinois of all tax monies they receive, and put their thumbs in the eye of these poli-crooks. Until the people there stand up to these tax paid crooks, and toss them out of office, then they deserve all they get.