Illinois grassroots group “Illinois Carry” wants conceal and carry ban lifted.

The grassroots group, "Illinois Carry" wants the state to repeal…

The grassroots group, “Illinois Carry” wants the state to repeal its long time ban on allowing gun owners to conceal and carry their weapons.

The movement began on the Internet and its members are now touring the state. 49 states have some type of conceal and carry law for gun owners.

But Illinois– considered one of the most liberal states in the Midwest– has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. But one group is on a mission to change that.

At a recent town hall meeting in white county, Illinois Carry took its message to voters, a message of change.

“Look at the candidates that are on the ballot and make sure that they are supporting and voting for those candidates that support their right to carry a firearm for perennial protection,” said Valinda Rowe of Illinois Carry.

It is a felony to travel with a loaded gun in Illinois.

The state does not recognize conceal and carry permits from any other state.
Some residents are aiming to reverse the law.

“We need to bring Illinois in line with the rest of the country Illinois is the only state left that has no legal provision for law abiding people to have armed self defense,” said Mike Weisman with the Illinois State Rifle Association.

“People that don’t like guns try to keep us from having them and I believe that we each need to have the right to carry,” said White County resident Barbara Stocke.

Some anti-gun groups have said fewer guns would equal fewer shooting crimes but pro-gun advocates say gun crimes go down when you don’t know who’s packing a gun.

“You need to give people at least a fighting chance against the armed criminals and the criminal of course by definition does not obey gun laws,” said Weisman.

Source: Tristate

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  • Dan, I feel for you. I lived in the western suburbs of Chicago for many years. I support your fight, but I think it may never happen. Come on out to a state like Arizona where you can carry openly or concealed without any permit at all. I openly carry a double gun shoulder rig with 6 extra mags all the time, every where I go. It’s the old saying was “good fences make good neighbors”. I think today, if everyone carried, people would be a great deal more friendly with each other.

  • Dan Casey

    Lets make this happen. I live in a pretty rough area of Springfield, IL. I would like to quit worrying about whether or not some punk is going to try to harm my wife or myself when walking outside. Obviously allowing me to carry and conceal my weapon would deter any criminal action from just about everyone.