Illinois House rejects legalizing concealed carry.

A measure letting Illinois residents carry concealed guns in public…

A measure letting Illinois residents carry concealed guns in public fell short Thursday in the Illinois House after weeks of rising optimism among supporters.

It would have allowed people to carry guns if they were properly registered and had completed eight hours of training, including target practice. Applicants would have needed to pass a background check and a review of their mental health history.

The vote was 65-32, giving the measure a solid majority. But it needed 71 votes to pass, a standard requirement for legislation that restricts local communities’ regulatory power.

Conservative Democrats have watched as the Legislature approved several liberal measures, including legalizing civil unions and abolishing the death penalty. They had hoped legislative leaders would help legalize concealed carry as a way of shoring up Democrats outside the Chicago area.

Source: Zachary Colman for The Associated Press via Courier-Times.

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  • Eric

    Perhaps Chicago should be its own legislative district? Like a “Chicago, D.C.” New York, too. They act like Greek City-States: legal homosexual unions, arrogance, the worship of wealth and sex, while we “cling to religion and guns” as our President comforted another “American” city, San Francisco. We are becomming TWO NATIONS, not one…

  • Gregory

    For those residing in Illinois, move elsewhere. If you want the right to defend yourselves, go where the government is not afraid of citizens exercising their rights. If all of the conservatives leave Illinois, the only people left will be those that sit with their hands open receiving the tax dollars from productive citizens and those that give the dollars to them. Let Illinois collapse in on it self. Who wants to freeze their backsides off every winter anyway? When New Jersey passed the so-called assault weapon ban, I left and moved to Florida. I no longer have to deal with the bleeding heart liberals that know what is best for everyone else except themselves.