In Baraboo City, Wisconsin concealed carry violatioins carry $213 fine.

When Wisconsin's concealed firearms carry law takes effect next month,…

When Wisconsin’s concealed firearms carry law takes effect next month, people who want to keep guns off their property will be supported by the city, backed up by a $213 fine.

Beginning Nov. 1, residents will be able to apply to the state Department of Justice for a permit allowing them to carry concealed firearms and weapons such as Taser stun guns.

The new law lists a few places civilians are forbidden to bear arms, such as police stations and courthouses. But most other locations, including public parks, government buildings and businesses, are not specifically prohibited.

The law balances its openness to the presence of guns with an option for government bodies, homeowners and merchants to forbid guns.

Source: Brian D. Bridgeford for Baraboo News Republic.

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