In California, 8,000 confiscated firarms melted into construction material.

Image: Andy Frazer/Flickr More than 8,000 weapons taken from criminals…

Image: Andy Frazer/Flickr

More than 8,000 weapons taken from criminals in Los Angeles County were melted down, Sheriff Lee Baca announced Thursday.

The weapons are taken to Gerdau Steel Mill in Rancho Cucamonga every year and converted into steel reinforcing bar, according to Baca.

The steel rebar will be used in upgrades in freeways and bridges in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Source: Northridge-Chatsworth Patch

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  • Sampson is correct. This is BS. All they do is drive the price up on the black market. Maybe not even that. This is liberal, feel good, BS. Not to be confused with critical thinking. It’s not the gun stupid. Spoons did not make Rosie fat. Nor do pencils cause me to misspell. This is a lazy response by the Police and society. They all know they should be addressing the criminal and not the tool. It is just to damn hard and expensive to try to rehabilitate but easy to melt steel. This way the cops get to justify their poor excuse for existence.

  • Sampson

    Recycling stolen items that had a legal owner is not a reason to celebrate.For the most part the guns are worth much more,intact.The law should have no right to sell or destroy stolen property.Do they destroy serial numbered guns?Allowing police departments to profit from confiscating stolen property or to profit by confiscating ( lawful theft by government )property of a 3rd party used illegaly by a criminal (without knowledge or consent of the rightful owner )during the criminal’s crime only leads to criminal theft by police.If a son borrows his’ father’s car to go to the mall and get’s pinched at at traffic stop with weed,should dad lose his’car?The United Nations plans to do the same things with the guns of US citizens.Should our police do what the UN wants to do to us?The recycler should be boycotted and put out of buisness.The police should be jaile for conspiricy to permantly deprive rightful owners of their property ( theft).