In Louisiana guns, ammo are tax free this weekend for “Second Amendment State Tax Holiday.”

Hunting enthusiasts can get discounts this weekend on firearms, ammunition,…

Hunting enthusiasts can get discounts this weekend on firearms, ammunition, knives and supplies. The state’s second annual “Second Amendment State Tax Holiday” exempts eligible items from state and local sales taxes, said Byron Henderson, press secretary for the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

Starting Friday, customers can shop for selected items without paying the state’s 4 percent tax and local taxes, which vary by city and parish but range from 4 to 5.5 percent locally.

Sales-tax weekends are generally used by governments to help generate buyer interest for retailers. Louisiana also has an annual “holiday” for general purchases and another for hurricane-preparedness supplies.

Eligible items for this event include firearms, like shotguns, rifles, pistols, ammunition, hunting clothes, shoes and boots, safety gear and holsters and other accessories. Items also include scopes and archery items as well as airboats, pirogues and ATVs used for hunting.

Purchases not eligible for the tax exemption include animals, hunting toys and vehicles that aren’t specifically designed for hunting. The purchases must be for individual use, not for business.

For John Soileau, general manager at Performance Power Sports in Houma, it means customers save 8.5 percent on their purchases. His customers have been anticipating the holiday, he said, and he’s expecting sales to spike.

Given the economy, he sees the policy as a good idea that’s helped generate interest among customers.

“It’s a blessing from them to do that for us,” he said.

Source: Kathrine Schmidt for Houma Today.

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    Wow, what an enlightened concept. Exceptional!