In Texas, ammunition stockpiling is causing shortages at gun stores

Image: Rob Barrett Photography/flickr "People have begun to hoard ammunitions,…

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Image: Rob Barrett Photography/flickr

“People have begun to hoard ammunitions, and it has made it difficult for others to find those ammunitions,” said Daniel Gallegos JR, Danny’s Pawn & Sporting Goods Gun Shop Store Manager.

Sporting goods store owners said the lack of higher ammo quantities is coming from higher up the assembly line.

“The manufacturers have increased production, but they are still having difficulty getting it to the retailers like us,” said Gallegos.

And while there hasn’t been a complete shortage, explaining to customers why they can’t reload on certain ammunition isn’t easy.

“It is frustrating because we are losing out on sales and customers get upset with us,” said Gallegos. “We have to explain, well we’re trying, we try everyday to find more ammunitions, but it’s become more difficult.”

Source: Erin Murray for KVEO News Center 23

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  • Mike

    Ammo is scarce in the WI and IL stateline area as well. Just the weird stuff and shotgun shells are available. I suspect that the shortages have more to do with Homeland Security buying billions of rounds than us gun owners buying a few extra boxes. I have said all along that if the government wants to control guns they need to control ammo. Without ammo a gun is just a club. Eventually they are going to find a way to tax ammo until it becomes a luxury. They’ll claim that the taxes will go to victims funds or something like that, but in reality it will just mean more welfare giveaways to the people we are trying to defend against.

  • Ed Jensen

    Should try Oregon, no ammunition for over a month and if you happen to come across a small amount it is three times the normal price a month ago.

  • Wayland

    I just posted a comment on the lack of ammo here in Albuquerque, NM… And I received a ‘WARNING’ Saying to ‘Slow Down!?!’ AND That My comment is awaiting ‘MODERATION!?!’
    An attack on the First Amendment?
    My Freedom of SPEECH?
    This probably won’t even get posted after ‘Editting!’

  • Wayland

    The shelves are wiped clean at most of the places here in Albuquerque too!
    You have to know when certain stores are getting SOME ammo, then you MIGHT get lucky enough to purchase some…
    … BUT when, and IF you are able to find a stock of Ammo, the price has DOUBLED on alot of it!!
    Pure greed, and gouging!!
    Purely Pathetic too!!

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    aint limited to Texas