In Vermont, workers needed to make military helmets.

Helmets made at a facility in Newport, Vermont by local…

Helmets made at a facility in Newport, Vermont by local Vermonters save lives overseas daily. When former State Senator Michael Metcalf’s son was serving in Iraq eight years ago, he was shot in the head and could have died, “a little blood, big headache, some stitches, this helmet saved his life,” Metcalf said.

The company, “Revision Military” signed a $21.6 million contract with the Army, and is making 90-thousand more of those life saving combat helmets for the U.S. Military.

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And Revision is adding 40 more employees to complete the task. Revision Military says it’s hiring immediately. People fit for the job will receive training, but even so, Blanshay says there’s not enough people for the work they need done.

“Helmets are going to be required by the military and police around the world indefinitely,” Revision Military CEO, Jonathan Blanshay said. “Technically capable, engineering driven positions here I think are under serviced,” Blanshay said.

Source: Jenny Day for Fox44/ABC22

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  • Disasterjunkie

    Please, ours are going to make these helmets look like a walk in the park; Ours have built in nigh vision & improved hearing aid, hopefully we will be able to add thermal to it one day.