Increase in felons enlisted in Army, Marines

WASHINGTON - The Army and Marine Corps brought in more…

WASHINGTON – The Army and Marine Corps brought in more recruits with felony convictions last year, including some with manslaughter and sex crime convictions.  The military was under pressure to meet recruitment needs and the growing number of criminals in combat raises concerns within the military and on Capitol Hill.  For more details, click here and return back to comment.

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  • zach

    how can yuu say send them off to kamikazie missions thats bulshit. these guys if accepted by the service they should be respected many people have straightend there life out thanks to the army they deserve they to be treated the same as any other soldier people change and when push comes to shove your fellow soldiers will in almost all cases be there. now your gonna say somthing about gangs in the service but there have been those since the beging of the us service technicaly we could be condsidred one for starting the revoulution but we dnt think of these thing think before u speak

  • bob

    whatever it takes. this could be a new life for some. some some felony convictions are bogus and should not follow a person for life.

  • Dan

    Hopefully they have their own unit so they don’t endanger any of the honest, good soldiers. Sure, send them on kamikazee missions and stuff like that.