Indian Americans in Georgia learning to shoot guns after rash of home invasions, possibly gold-related

A group of Indian-American men are learning to shoot guns…

A group of Indian-American men are learning to shoot guns after a rash of metro Atlanta home invasions they believe targeted their community.

The men gathered Saturday at a firing range in north Fulton County for target practice and to learn about gun safety, WSB-TV reported.

The men say they believe home invaders have been targeting people in the Indian-American community because some families keep gold items in their homes. Police have been investigating that angle as well.

“This is my first time,” Ashish Dhume said as he looked over a target sheet with several hits in the middle of the outline.

“Some of our friends actually got robbed,” he said. “We don’t want to be victimized when we are at home.”

Dijjocam Raina said he hasn’t held a gun in 20 years. Now, he plans on buying one and keeping it close for safety reasons.

“Indians seem to be adverse, probably culturally, but once you settle down in this country, you’ve got to adapt to the country,” Raina said.

Dhume said he gained confidence with a gun after firing it on the range.

“I feel confident I can use the gun and protect myself,” he said.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times.

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