Indiana city looks to lift forgotten gun ban

Leaders of an Indianapolis suburb are looking to remove from…

Leaders of an Indianapolis suburb are looking to remove from the books a long-forgotten ban on carrying concealed guns, while also getting rid of an ordinance that allowed people to shoot pigeons in the city limits.

Greenwood’s city attorney came across the gun ban dating to the 1960s while researching whether a newly annexed property owner could keep his gun range, the Daily Journal reported Tuesday ( The ordinance also bars people from carrying knives, slingshots or brass knuckles within city limits.

The concealed weapon ban never drew the controversy that typically erupts over such gun regulations because it wasn’t known about, City Council President Bruce Armstrong said.

City police officers haven’t been enforcing the gun ban that would have meant a fine for anyone caught violating it, Police Chief John Laut said. Officers have checked whether those with guns have the proper licenses as required under state law and treated it as a criminal misdemeanor if they didn’t.


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