Indiana militiaman gets back his 41 guns, 100,000 rounds of ammunition from the feds (video).

Piatek arrived at the Hammond, Indiana, police station eager for…

Piatek arrived at the Hammond, Indiana, police station eager for the justice inherent in federal authorities having to give him back his property.
Piatek came armed.

“Just a piece, you know, whatever,” Piatek said. “You got a phone, keys, whatever. It ain’t a thing with me.”

Then the unloading began: 41 guns, some 100,000 rounds of ammunition, crossbows, swords — enough for Piatek and his supporters to have to make two trips home.

“Why did it reach this point?” Piatek said. “I don’t know. Corruption? Who knows?”

Read the rest of Ravi Baichwal’s artucke at CBS WLS.

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  • Samson

    What a joke government can be. If you own more then two guns, some parts of the government, consider you the enemy already. We all know most of governent is CORRUPT, not all of it and not everyone in it but most of it. Look at politicians, using hookers, tax payers money for their limos, fun, drugs, you name it. This is just another example of government abuse and a poorly executed investigation. Just because someone/people express their unhappines with our government does not mean you are going to overthrow it, or go and committ crimes against it. What a joke, waste of tax payers money and time in this incompetent investigation. Glad he got his property back.

  • Reaper

    Good for him! Glad he got his weapons and ammo back!