Indiana passes Castle Doctrine amendment: Residents allowed to use deadly force against officers and public servants who enter their homes illegally.

Police officers in Indiana are upset over a new law…

Police officers in Indiana are upset over a new law allowing residents to use deadly force against public servants, including law enforcement officers, who unlawfully enter their homes. It was signed by Republican Governor Mitch Daniels in March.

The first of its kind in the United States, the law was adopted after the state Supreme Court went too far in one of its rulings last year, according to supporters. The case in question involved a man who assaulted an officer during a domestic violence call. The court ruled that there was “no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.”

The National Rifle Association lobbied for the new law, arguing that the court decision had legalized police to commit unjustified entries.

Source: Noel Brinkerhoff for

Read the law here.

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  • Steve in Oklahoma


  • Jay C.

    Thank God for the NRA. Glad I just renewed my membership. I respect public servants (in their respective place), but my home is MY castle.