Indianapolis gun store employee shoots back, kills customer who shot at workers with rented gun (video).

Police have released few details about what happened, but owner…

Police have released few details about what happened, but owner Don Davis said detectives told him that a man walked into his gun store at 3807 Lafayette Road shortly before 12:20 p.m. and asked a clerk to rent a gun. Shortly after — without a word — the man used the gun to shoot the clerk. The clerk fired back, killing the customer police have identified as Brian C. Wayner, 26, 8700 block of Gargany Lane.

Davis said his employee, Ben Chance, was in critical condition at a hospital Monday but was expected to survive.

Davis said Wayner rented a gun in the showroom and went to the attached shooting range where he fired three boxes of ammunition. Afterward, he went to the restroom to wash his hands and walked back out to the counter in the store area. Chance was giving Wayner his total when — without saying anything — Wayner suddenly fired shots at the clerk, Davis said. It was unclear where he was shot.

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