Injured Milwaukee police officers join badger guns lawsuit.

On Monday, two Milwaukee Police officers filed the second lawsuit…

On Monday, two Milwaukee Police officers filed the second lawsuit against a local gun dealer in recent months.

In the last two years, people used weapons sold at Badger Guns to shoot six Milwaukee Police officers.

Two more injured officers filed suit against the gun dealer.

Graham Kunisch and Bryan Norberg have permanent disabilities since being shot at close range by 18-year old Julius Burton last summer.

On Monday, they joined other officers in the suit against Badger Guns for being negligent when selling the guns used to shoot them.

“Badger Guns needs to be held accountable for irresponsibly supplying guns to criminals who have shot and seriously wounded brave Milwaukee police officers,” said Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence in a statement.

“We proudly stand with law enforcement against corrupt gun dealers whose reckless and illegal conduct places police officers in harms way.”

“In some years, it’s found to be the number one seller of crime guns in the country,” said Jonathan Lowy of the Brady Center.

Source: Diane Pathieu, Jay Sorgi and the WTMJ News Team.

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  • AngryWhiteMale

    If Badger guns has been breaking the law, why are they still in business? If the have Not been breaking the law STFU!