International Sniper Competition at Fort Benning October 17-24

Fort Benning - The U. S. Army Sniper School will…

Fort Benning – The U. S. Army Sniper School will sponsor the eighth annual United States Army International Sniper Competition at FortBenning Oct. 17 through 24.

Two-man sniper teams will compete in events that will include a sniper stalk, urban shooting and orienteering exercises, a stress fire and other tests of their marksmanship and sniper skills.

This will be an international and multi-service competition. Teams from Denmark, France, Spain, Canada, Ireland, the U.S. Marine Corps and a special weapons and tactics team (SWAT) team from the Pittsburgh, Pa. Police Department will compete against Army teams representing the 75thRanger Regiment and National Guard as well as teams from installations around the world.

The competition will take place at different locations around Fort Benning. A number of the competition events are spectator-friendly and open to the public.

There is no admission and parking is free.

Access to the installation is controlled through vehicle checkpoints. Drivers of vehicles without military stickers will need to stop at the visitor’s center on I-185 or Benning Blvd. to get a temporary access pass. Adult passengers in the vehicle may also be asked to present identification at the checkpoint.

For more information, call the Public Affairs Office during duty hours at 706-545-3512.

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  • AJ

    Maybe myself and my Canadian boys will show up just to emabarrass you yanks! Clearly the Canucks are top shot!

  • robert farnsworth

    looking forward to this years comp. me and my shooter have been in germany for the past 4 years and now finally have a chance to compete… even though we will probably be the only ones from the USAREC (recruiting)we will be looking forward to showing what we are more than capable of..

  • waya

    Jack Russell,
    After last years performance, Marines had to come correct. Cannot use deployment time as an excuse. The difference between luck and skill is skill is consistant. When the Marines show some consistency, I will then consider them as a team to keep an eye on.

  • Jack Russell

    Finally the Marines will show who the best in the world is to much time in combat and not enough in competition but now we have 4 teams that are kicking ass and taking names to show who the best snipers in the world are. ooooooorrrrrraaaaaaahhh

  • angelia irving

    Our son is participating in the competition this year, Nicholas Irving,75th Ranger Bn, 3rd Infantry, and we are so proud of him. We wish that we could be there to witness this exciting event. Whether his team wins or not, this is truly an honor, because he is going up against truly the best of the best. We are praying that each and everyone do the best that they can, and may the best team win!

    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Irving

  • As a journalist, I had the pleasure to cover the 2007 International Sniper Competition. To say that this is one of the more grueling events that I have ever witness is an understatement. The instructors at the Ft. Benning Sniper School do a magnificent job of simulating some very real environments along with the associated pressure of being under fire and other stressors. The sniper teams that participate in this event come from around the world, and they are truly the best of the best.
    If you’ve never attended the competition you should make every effort to do so. If you are supplier or manufacturer and you want to become a sponsor, please contact the executive offices of the Army Sniper’s Association, located in Columbus, GA. Or you can donate prizes to be presented to the top two sniper teams. There is always a vendor exhibit and live fire demonstration and I couldn’t think of a better place to show my wares than at Ft. Benning during the Sniper Competition.

    See you there!