Interview with Ichiro Nagata

Here’s part of the interview: COMBAT HANDGUNS’ Mickey Fowler asks:…


Here’s part of the interview:

COMBAT HANDGUNS’ Mickey Fowler asks: Ichiro, tell us about your 2008 Bianchi Cup pistol.

Ichiro Nagata tells CH: I chose SigSauer’s 226 X-5 target model chambered in 9×19 caliber. The Sig has all the necessary qualities to make a competitive open class Cup gun. It is reliable, has a great adjustable trigger pull and is accurate. It is capable of 2” or less groups at 50 yards out of the box with match ammo. The pistol was modified for open class by German shooter and gunsmith Heribert Betterman. Betterman is a member of the German National NRA Action pistol team and is an experienced Bianchi Cup shooter. A compensator was added to the barrel and a special barricade shroud with built in Stick Shift mover base was fabricated. To improve prone position shooting I made a special wide and deep magazine well. This is the finest open class Cup gun I have used and I believe it is as good for Bianchi Cup shooting as any 1911 pistol. I shot a perfect score of 480 points with 43 X on the practical match. This is the best score I have shot on this match and put me in fourth place overall in this event.

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