Iowa School Begins Intruder Training Program

A new training program approved by Columbus (Iowa) School District…

A new training program approved by Columbus (Iowa) School District officials that administrators, local police and others say offers new options for students and others caught in a building with an armed intruder.

“Our current procedure is to lock down, but is that always our best option?” dean of students Emily Wilson told the school board.

The Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate, or ALICE, program would provide options to staff and students besides just hiding from invaders, Wilson and other speakers said.

Superintendent Marlene Johnson said the program does not train students to attack, but rather to use common sense in deciding which action to use. She said the current school policy does not specify any procedure for dealing with intruders, so the ALICE program could be offered without any change in policy.

Johnson did not indicate when any actual training would be provided to the staff, which would then discuss with students potential situations and options for reacting to them.


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