Iowa’s ‘shall issue’ law leads to more gun permit denials in some counties.

"We have people who fill out an application and say…

“We have people who fill out an application and say they have no felonies,” Thompson said. “Then we do the background check and right there on the front page of (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) there’s a felony conviction.”

Falsifying the permit application is a Class D felony. Thompson said he lets applicants know that when he rejects their application, but he has yet to ask the county attorney’s office to apply the charge.
Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner has, and that case is pending. The Linn County denials increased from 17 in 2009 to 31 in 2010 to 44 in 2011. Statistics aren’t available for this year.

“I think most of it is a misunderstanding of the law,” Gardner said. “People who don’t realize that the felony they received a long time ago still prohibits them from obtaining a firearm.”

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