Iran unveils new Cobra combat helicopter simulators.

Iran has put into service a third generation of Cobra…

Iran has put into service a third generation of Cobra combat helicopter simulators, in a bid to raise the Iranian Air Force’s training potential.

The simulator became operational at an air base in Isfahan Province, provincial Air Force Commander Kyomars Ahadi said Sunday.

The commander added that the simulator had taken two years to develop and “cost one-tenth of similar foreign models.”

Ahadi added that the recently-unveiled simulators will help fighter jet pilots hone their skills, making it possible for them to rehearse tactical and combat flights, Fars News Agency reported.

Iran has unveiled numerous homemade military hardware, equipment and weaponry as part of the efforts to boost the country’s defense capabilities.

In August, Iran test fired a new generation of its domestically-manufactured medium-range ballistic Fateh missile.

The country also opened production lines for domestically-built high-speed Zolfaghar and Seraj vessels. The missile-launching vessels are capable of travelling twice as fast as American warships.

The country also unveiled its first domestically-manufactured long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) named Karrar (Frequent Attacker). The drone is capable of flying long distances at a very high speed.


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