Iraq takes exploitable people off the streets

raqi security forces have been ordered to round up street…

raqi security forces have been ordered to round up street itinerants who could be exploited and turned into suicide bombers.

The government has ordered a sweep of beggars, mentally ill people and street children, who will either be sent to mental homes or back to their families.

The policy follows allegations that two recent suicide bombings were carried out by mentally ill women who were recruited by militants.

According to authorities, the women had case histories of depression and schizophrenia and had been treated extensively for psychiatric issues.

Their simultaneous attacks on two Baghdad animal markets on the 1st February killed at least 98 people, the deadliest blasts for months in the capital.

Last week, Iraqi forces detained an administrator at the Rashad psychiatric hospital in city in connection with the bombings.

The U.S military said the man was suspected of supplying information about patients to al-Qaeda in Iraq and exploiting the mentally impaired.

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