Irishman shot in head

Irishman Shot in the Head, Drives Himself to Local Police Station

Sometimes it pays to be a bit thick in the…

Sometimes it pays to be a bit thick in the head…

Gerard O’Neill, 33, was sitting in his grey Mercedes in Dublin’s north inner city when he was targeted by two men on a motorcycle, one of whom was the gunman.

He was pursued by the bike and the the gunman who kept firing, hitting the car a number of times, shattering the back window and leaving a bullet hole in the front window.

After reaching the police station, O’Neill informed officers that he had been shot in the head.

This is the second time O’Neill has been a victim of a shooting.

In May of last year, he narrowly escaped with his life after he was shot as he sat in his car outside a west Dublin pub.


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  • dick

    his head was obviously not a vital area

    • JP

      most likely a liberal

      • MacTurk

        Not a liberal at all, you knee jerk idiot.

        The victim of the shooting was a well known criminal in Dublin.

        • JP

          Oh no, I’m so insulted! lol Criminal, liberal, what’s the difference?

          • MacTurk

            “…what’s the difference?”

            Proof of your idiocy, from your own mouth.

            Well done.

          • JP

            Coming from a liberal dippy such as yourself? I’ll take that insult with honor and pride.