Israeli Experts Doubt Authenticity of Iranian ‘Fighter Jet’

Israeli experts cast doubt on Sunday about the authenticity of…

Israeli experts cast doubt on Sunday about the authenticity of a new radar-evading fighter jet unveiled by Iran over the weekend.

In an unveiling ceremony inside a hangar on Saturday, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled the futuristic-looking F-313 fighter jet, saying it ranks among the most sophisticated aircraft in the world.

Code-named the Qaher (Conqueror) F-313 and shaped similar to stealth bombers, the grey warplane was designed and built domestically, Ahmadinejad boasted.

Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi was quoted in media as saying the plane boasted a very low radar signature, and that “advanced materials” were used to build it.

Israeli experts who looked over the photos that were released of the jet, however, told the Ma’ariv daily they doubted it was authentic.

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  • steve in okalhoma

    Agree, it looks like a toy, canopy is jacked and crappy, undercarriage looks like junk and very lightweight. Even some of the corners and pain look crappy, should be named F-313 Crappy Duck