Janna Reeves T-Rex Shooting 3-gun
Photo by Janna Reeves

VIDEO: Pro Shooter Janna Reeves Shreds 3-Gun Course in T. Rex Suit

Pro 3-gun shooter Janna Reeves recently ditched her normal competition attire for an inflatable T. rex costume, and the results weren't much different.

Janna Reeves, AKA “Miss Battle Born,” is a professional 3-gun shooter with a knack for having fun when she can.

Reeves  took to social media Sunday with a new video of her on the 3-gun course. The big difference in the video is that Reeves is dressed from head to toe in an inflatable T. rex costume.

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Watch the video below as Reeves tears up the 3-gun course, even with the tail dragging behind.

For more from Reeves, be sure to check out her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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