VIDEO: Jerry Miculek Fires Round at Captain America’s Shield

Jerry Miculek recently took his marksmanship skills and put them to the test against some serious armor: Captain America's shield.

Champion marksman Jerry Miculek has a thing for unique gun tests.

With the release of “Captain America: Civil War” slated for May 5, Miculek decided to pay tribute to the great American superhero.

In his most recent video, Miculek had the same shield used by Captain America recreated for an ammo test. The shield was built using the same exact weight and measurements used in the movies.

The only difference in the shield was its composition. In the movies, the shield is made with vibranium, a fictional metal in the Marvel Comics world. So Miculek had to settle for titanium.

Miculek fired eight quick shots of .45 ammo from a 1911, and the results were quite impressive.

Check out the video above to see how Captain America’s shield held up.

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