VIDEO: Jerry Miculek Shoots Nintendo NES Zapper, Glock Conversion

Champion shooter Jerry Miculek recently took the nostalgia of the Nintendo NES Zapper and combined it with the gun of a Glock 41.

Any time you hear the name “Jerry Miculek,” the story is worth listening to.

Miculek recently discussed the first time he shot a Nintendo NES Zapper, the same plastic gun used on the famous game “Duck Hunt.” But Miculek said the real fun comes with shooting a real gun, as the Zapper “got old” pretty quick.

So Miculek did what anybody else would do: He combined nostalgia with fun and created the Nintendo NES Zapper/Glock 41 conversion.

Check out the video above to see Miculek firing the hybrid Zapper at targets from “Duck Hunt.”

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