Jesse Ventura slams TSA with lawsuit.

Count Jesse Ventura among fliers who don't want their "junk"…

Count Jesse Ventura among fliers who don’t want their “junk” touched by Transportation Security Administration agents.

The former Minnesota governor and pro wrestler filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court in Minnesota against the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA.

The suit alleges enhanced airport security procedures, including pat-downs and full body scanning, violate Ventura’s rights under the Fourth Amendment, which protects Americans from unreasonable searches and seizures.

Ventura is not seeking monetary damages, according to his attorney, David Olsen. Ventura wants an acknowledgment from the court that his rights have been violated and a court order that would stop the government from subjecting him to the screening procedures, Olsen said.

“We consider the pat-downs and the whole body scanners to be a step too far, and they have crossed into the realm of the unreasonable,” Olsen said.

Source: Marnie Hunter for CNN.

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  • Nathan

    Yeah, “let’s see” JA… Been waiting what, 10 years now? Groping and full body scans haven’t contributed one damn bit to our ability to stop people from doing it before. The haven’t helped us one bit to stop people who AREN’T Americans, and which we HAVE done without degrading the principles of the Bill of Rights. I’d love to see Benjamin Franklin slap your smart mouth in front of a group of pissed off passengers: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, *SMACK*.” Contrary to the popular opinions of our police state, our Founding Fathers were NOT terrorists. Put some Truth in your pipe and smoke it for a change. People like me are going to expose people like you until this crap stops… bet on it.

  • Nathan

    Props for Mr. Ventura… it’s about time someone like him stood up and made a point of challenging this garbage. Beyond the obvious fact that not one American citizen has been convicted of successfully carrying out an act of terrorism against their own country *with an aircraft* since the so-called War on Terror started, it’s seems clear to me that there’s something really screwed up about a country that can’t or won’t challenge crap like this simply because it’s WRONG, without having to use their founding charter as an excuse. How? Let’s see… we have strangers who are claiming to have a legitimate reason for getting pervy with people they don’t know… people who have no other way of aquiring those services but to line up and submit to their private parts being groped, and more-or-less naked images of themselves being stared at… Hmmm… does it strike anyone here as strange that we were taught as kids not to let people do that to us because it’s perverted, and that we teach our kids the same thing? Or that when they show those electronically scanned images on the evening news, they blur out the details because it will violate FCC rules if they don’t? Then they turn around and claim that “it’s not really exposing anyone”? Yeah, that makes perfect sense. And how is it, exactly, that they worked up the nerve to bribe children with flippin’ CANDY so that they’ll feel “more comfortable” with letting people they don’t know touch them in places they shouldn’t? That seems to ring a bell somehow. Can you really imagine some poor kids parent saying:
    “Now Johnny, there are a bunch of angry people from far away places who like to practice blood sacrifice on their holidays, who start murdering people in holy wars before the age of 13, who like to hide out in caves and fantasize about women’s ankles, and they even have a 3rd grade education just like you! Those people want to use a boxcutter to challenge the Air Marshall carrying a gun, and break into the armored cockpit of the plane without tools. Then, they want to fly them into buildings because they hate all the freedoms we used to have. I’m sorry Johnny, but those are the reasons i let that man touch Mommy where he shouldn’t, and squeeze your crotch and fondle your behind… but don’t worry, it’s okay because he’s going to give you a SUCKER!”
    Geez… at least we still don’t have to accept surveillance or submit to being arrested and caged without cause or warrant yet. That might be a real sign something funny’s going on then… oh wait…

  • JA

    Lets see how unreasonable the search is when a terrorist sneaks onto the plain with a little plastic explosives and blows the plain up