JetBlue pilot charged after attempting to board LaGuardia flight with gun.

A JetBlue pilot was arrested and charged after he apparently…

A JetBlue pilot was arrested and charged after he apparently “forgot” he was packing a 40-caliber pistol while attempting to board a flight out of LaGuardia Airport, police said.

The incident, which happened on Sept. 8, involved Captain Robert Paulson who was checking in at a security checkpoint when a TSA officer spotted the weapon as his luggage went through an X-ray machine in Terminal A of the airport.

According to the New York Post, the TSA agent also discovered a magazine with 10 live rounds loose inside the pilot’s bag.

Source: WPIX

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  • General Jim M

    The way i look at it,everyone should fly JET BLUE,their pilots have good survival instincts.Whty is it that the Feds don’t want anyone to have a gun but them? Why is it that they think that everyone who has a gun is an extremist but them?Let the pilot keep his’ gun,disarm the ATF.