Kahr Arms will reintroduce the Baby Desert Eagle.

Kahr Arms and Magnum Research are proud to announce that…

Kahr Arms and Magnum Research are proud to announce that they will be reintroducing the popular Baby Desert Eagle handguns for 2011.

Magnum Research, Inc. imported the Baby Desert Eagle model handguns, also called the Jericho, from IWI in Israel for 22 years. Then, three years ago, MRI stopped selling the popular handgun, and consumer demand for it has grown ever since.


Kahr Arms will reintroduce the Baby Desert Eagle models to U.S. markets in the first quarter of 2011 at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Baby Desert Eagle II handguns will be available in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, with steel or polymer frames in black only. The full size and semi-compact models will include a tactical rail—resulting in a total of 19 model variations.

Pricing for the Baby Desert Eagle II series ranges from $616 for the polymer frame models to $630 for steel frame models.


Orders will begin shipping in early Spring 2011.

Come by booth #15951 at SHOT Show to see the Baby Desert Eagle II lineup first hand, before they hit the market.

Visit Kahr.com to learn more about Kahr products.

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  • Cavedweller

    Wish I would have seen this article before commenting on another one earlier. Looks like I’ll be holding off buying a new pistol until sometime this spring. I hope, if they make any changes that they would be improvements, if possible.

  • Eddie

    These are great guns. I have owned 2 in .45 ACP and they are very reliable. I sold both of mine and regret doing so. The first one I owned had the Magnum Research Logo in the Handgrips and the second one had the IWI Logo in the hand grips. My second gun did not like Winchester (White Box) hollowpoints.

  • BigB

    This Is a great gun. I have one In 45acp and brushed chrome finish and I love it. I hope they don’t change anything about it. Bc i want to get another one but idk about $630 They are normally $450 In black finish I paid $650 for my brushed chrome finish

  • CC19

    But will they be available with the more desirable, polygonal rifled barrels?