Kay Miculek of Team Smith & Wesson Wins High Lady Award at 2008 United States Shooting Association (USSA) Pro-Am Match

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.– Smith & Wesson Corp., announced today that team…

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.– Smith & Wesson Corp., announced today that team member Kay Miculek earned the High Lady award at the 2008 United States Shooting Association (USSA) Pro-Am match. Competing in the Amateur Division, Miculek placed 37th overall against 152 competitors, earning the prestigious High Lady Award. With her victory at the Pro-Am Match, Miculek returned to the winner’s circle for the second week in a row following her divisional win at the Smith & Wesson Steel Shoot Series Regional Match in Louisiana.

The Pro-Am is a revival of a match that thrived decades ago, resurrected by Phil Strader, Director of Competitive Events at USSA. The event features eight challenging stages of fire designed to test both professionally classed and amateur competitors in a variety of shooting positions. Racing against the clock, competitors run from position to position engaging both stationary and moving steel targets. Miculek competed in the Amateur Division, shooting a Smith & Wesson 1911 pistol.

“The Pro-Am required a different mindset than any match in which I have competed,” said Miculek.  “I’m programmed to never leave a position with a target still standing, but at the Pro-Am, leaving steel standing at one position in order to conserve time and ammunition for the next position was often advantageous. In each stage, I had to consider not only which targets to shoot, but also which targets to disregard. This new mental challenge, combined with the pure fun of knocking down steel targets, made the Pro Am a great match.”

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