Kennesaw, Georgia’s 1982 Gun Mandate Still On The Books, Every Home Owns A Gun

Here's an interesting perspective on the gun control debate! WUSA9…

Here’s an interesting perspective on the gun control debate!

WUSA9 found a town where every household is required, by-law, to own a gun and the ammunition to use it.

It’s a community 25 miles northwest of Atlanta that put itself on the map in a most unusual way.

“We don’t have shoot-outs. It’s not a Wild West,” said Lt. Craig Graydon of the Kennesaw Police Department.

Sunrise over Kennesaw, Georgia reveals a sleepy town of 30,000 and a landscape dotted with flags, American and Confederate. Gun ownership is a way of life here.

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Doesnt say a thing about carrying it or having it when you need it and even then still it’s your right to exercise or not. We dont force people to to any other rights and then punish them for not doing it. If there is a law then there is a punishment. Do we really want to see someone in jail for not owning a weapon? I need the room here for real bad guys not opinions and feelings of anyone leaning to far to the left or right.

  • I don’t mind it save me some money to carry my own and then maybe the bad guy would think before he act in a life threatening way towards another being !!i I think their are lot of positive ways it can help to save life’s and help to protect oneself and family !

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    It would be great if everyone does one a weapon and support the 2nd but I don’t think its the governments job to tell you to have one or not have one. It’s a right and your choice to exercise it. I suppose your going to tell me I have to practice a religion next.