Kentucky county, city looking into further at on firearm possession in public.

A western Kentucky county and city are looking more closely…

A western Kentucky county and city are looking more closely at how the possession of firearms is regulated after a dispute with a man who had to give up his gun before a city commission meeting and who protested signs regulating guns at a park.

Officials in McCracken County and Paducah are reviewing what government entities are allowed to do with regards to firearms in public places.

The issue arose earlier this month, when Paducah resident Charley Pulley wrote a letter to the city about being told to take off his gun at a commission meeting. Mayor Bill Paxton told The Paducah Sun he found Pulley’s weapon intimidating and pledged to look into changing the city ordinance concerning firearms at public meetings and forums.

McCracken County Judge-Executive said the Fiscal Court will discuss carrying firearms in Carson Park during its Wednesday meeting.

Kentucky is one of 13 states in the country where state law pre-empts local ordinances and allows the open carrying of firearms on foot and in vehicles. This means that any law-abiding people 21 or over can carry a gun, uncovered, on their persons, or in the glove compartments or front dashes of their cars without a permit or license.

Pulley said he openly carries his gun everywhere for protection and self-defense, except when he’s at work or his mother-in-law’s house.

Source: The Associated Press

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  • Our right to bear arms is a RIGHT NOT A PRIVILEGE to be given back to us by the government. LOOK IT UP in YOUR U,S. and Ky CONSTITUTIONS. Some petty mayor and some petty fiscal court cannot override them. Heck, I bet if you check it,they can’t even keep a balanced budget. They need to keep doing what they are paid for and leave our rights alone. There are laws on the books concerning concealed weapons in certain areas and unless I am mistaken, the areas that scare the Mayor are covered by banning firearms in those areas so at least the big bad bugger man won’t have a concealed weapon on him.

  • STATE LAWS MUST be the only CODE for implementation of the 2ND Amendment. NO LOCAL PREMPTION…IT ONLY LEADS TO CONFUSION AND TYRANNY!