Kentucky-made guns would be exempt from federal law in state bill.

Lawmakers are pushing three identical bills to exempt Kentucky-made guns…

Lawmakers are pushing three identical bills to exempt Kentucky-made guns and ammunition from federal background checks, dealer licenses and other national regulations if the items remain in the state.

The effort comes as a recent report shows Kentucky is one of the nation’s biggest exporters of guns that cross state lines — legally or illegally — and end up at crime scenes in other states, often in cities with tight gun ownership restrictions.
At the same time, one lawmaker who opposes the proposed legislation is pointing to Saturday’s mass shooting in Arizona, which left six dead and wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and many others, as evidence Kentucky’s guns laws should be strengthened, not weakened.

“This is just an effort to pander to the National Rifle Association and the Tea Party movement, which is shameful given the attempted assassination of a congresswoman over the weekend,” said Rep. Mary Lou Marzian, D-Louisville.

Source: John Cheves for the Miami Herald.

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  • Bob Fairlane

    The grammar police are coming. Prepare yourself!

  • It’s sad to see the politics dont stop even when flags fly at half mass! “Mary Lou Marzian” now that the so-called comander and cheif has said his piece, i’ll respectively say mine in hopes that they listen to us as “We The People” have listened to them!

    first off kids have no place in politics.thats why you must be 18 to vote! with that being said, who takes a 9 year girl to a heated political forum where acts of violence have already commited
    aginst the party hosting it? “just because you have the right too do so,doesnt mean its a good idea” does that ring a bell! this is why the dems.
    have no bisiness PANDERING to teachers in order to
    acheive higher votes. allow me to explain. in the last election for president my kids and other kids
    returned from school under the impression that votes for obama were in some way the “educated” thing to do.”in order to shame a few more votes out of americans” now i hope people see what these votes cost? her uncle had no bisiness taking
    her there without at least having a plan should the worst happen! and why couldnt any one stop him? i’ll tell you why….THEY DIDNT HAVE A GUN!!
    even if the olny thing they were armed with was common sence “the most useful defence of all” there wouldnt be any need to write this post.

    now on to the so-called terrorist”witch is nothing
    more than a mentaly ill 20 year old kid who wanted
    nothing more than too be of use and or serve his
    country,but instead he had to watch unknown fugitive mexicans who have to commit multiple felonies a month just too be here, gangembers ,cartell members, fill the same rank
    he was denided for “after all he passed the FBI background check for a gun” sure he may not be able to be a operator due to the fact a lapse in judgment could comprimise the troops around him,
    but im sure he could train K9’s “even peoples in prisons get to do that” or some other task
    that is just as important. i mean come on even McDonalds REQUIRED! to present equale employment,
    and has shown it is capaple of provideing such
    service.”with that being said…do you mean to tell me that micky d’s is more capeable than the US military…think about it. this handicapped kid
    was oppressed by the country he LOVED until he snapped.dont get me wrong,what he did was unthinkable,tragic,and wrong at all levels and unjust by any means of civil socity,but when this kid gets the gas chamber or rides the lighting i sure hope someone on behalf this admin shows up to look his parents in the eye and and read a passage out of the bible, because if they
    would have finished The Book Of JOB we would all know a bit more about Mr.Loughner “father and son”
    than we do right now.

    now that thats out of the way, on too KY, the tea party,and the legislation that proposes too restore the many lost civil rights to their people
    inwich they belong. too insure acts like that dont happen anymore! i think every state in the US should follow suit with KY,OK, and others who have proposed similar legislation in order to avoid the impending civil war that awaits us in the event the people remain devided. as a student
    of history it has become evident that without the
    possibility of upheaval any goverment will faulter
    and inturn fail its by analyzing this objectively we can see that if WE THE PEOPLE do not govern our own goverment,then it is the people
    who have failed. “as clearly stated by the US constitution and guaranteed by the second amendment.its my understanding that this is how it should work.the people elect the goverment,the goverment through the people to employ the military to defend the country. its law
    enforcements job to uphold the laws handed down from the goverment that are elected by the people.
    now since the military and law enforcement are employed by the goverment and elected and payed for by the people, in the event the goverment does
    not act in respect to the peoples elected veiws
    its the militia’s job “army of the peoples or just people bareing arms” so in order too do that
    we must repeal all anti militia laws that were enacted for the sole purpose of rendering the people helpless too curupt evil power hungry monsters that destroyed america we knew it.
    that way the people can cease all assets disarm and stip from power the
    elected person or persons that should stand trial for
    treason as also stated “everyone has the right to trial by their peers as they are guaranteed by the US constitution” NOT SHOT ON SIGHT

    so often i hear the goverment spread dangerous lies about people being raceist or a terrorist
    or all around bad people when their not.their simply being accountable when their goverment refuses to be. i mean did you here those guys
    try to resight the constitution? it was like they
    had never seen it before,but you gotta give them
    credit because their trying to right years of wrong! what the anti gun people dont understand is how much crime would go down if a would be crook thought he would be met with equale force.
    its a fact,that keeps everyone safe because even
    if you dont like guns and dont have one the would be crook would have to assume you did. instaed we
    now live in a place were it known that the goverment is becoming so oppressive that it known
    that theres a 80% chance that the target is unarmed. it seems that has proven to be a inviteing idea for someone who has left out of the american dream due to the oppressive nature of
    US goverment “here try this on for size. a kid who
    lives in dangerous neighborhood by the border in AZ or TX or where ever has seen and had dangerous
    encountors with street gangs that show a unreal
    level for violence never seen by him as he is a US citizen. so he gets a gun the best way he can
    cheaply! now the laws are so tight these days he doesnt know about the status of gun or if he can even have one “due to the fact he comes from a shatered family, so he started a family to young
    too! his girl gets tired of worrying about how their gonna pay the rent and in a heated exchange
    one night out of desperation calls the police and
    says he threatened her.cops show up take him away
    and she get a injuction for protection like her friend told her to the next day she goes and
    to the local womens rights place gets a 2000 dollar check to relocate,”wich is felonie by the way called mallious prosicution and fraud, but no one ever qustions it in a hand out drunk society”but, she has a kid and without his modest income she didnt have a chance. getting back to the kid hes walking home from work one night with
    his unlawful gun “due to a injunction for crime he was never convicted of” tucked into his pants
    when a cop patroling the dangerouse neiborhood
    attempts to stop him. well the takes off and the cop chases him and starts catching up to him the fearing being caught,and going to prisson for 10 years with the gun that keeps him safe on his walk home everynight goes to dump the gun,the cop
    see’s the gun and is forced split second choice.
    now from this point it doesnt really matter what
    happens next, just know that its bad for everyone.
    as im a avid suporter of law enforcement!!!
    this story made up eventhough there many,many,real stories i could use,but then i would need to list my source’s. i dont want too put a cop or kid or young mother or greiving parent on the spot or open up old wounds,but this
    topic needs to be talked talked about. story’s like this olny exist because in a free country you can never tell one person they can have something and another they cant without a just cause. i think a good comprimise would be if someone used a gun in a crime like armed robery,murder or attempted, assult with firearm,
    not plinking on state land or owning one as the laws are now,because they dont apply and are a violation of civil rights.
    just look at mexico and other countries they have been using fear and
    oppression as a means of culling their own people
    by starving them into leaving for the US so the
    elite doesnt need too share the resorces with their rightful owners THE PEOPLE! thus the cartells were born,one could even say it was out of necessity. before long there became so many cartells that they became partners with the mexican goverment and became the main sorce employment for the people of mexico.all anyone
    needs to do too see the truth is look at their guns those are the same guns that the US gave them years ago too defend themselfs from the cartells. m60’s,squad automatic wepons,nam era m16 with m203 gernade launchers those AKs you hear
    about on the news are nothing like the so-called
    american imports they have cnc milled receivers
    full auto top of the line because money is no object those are rushy built in south america
    being produced on the land yugo chaves gave russia
    now dont get me wrong i know over the years a few
    people here in the states have tried profit selling arms in border towns but if you notice
    now days the mexican goverment has a HK line up
    this is so we will know if the goverment wepons
    end up in cartell hands as olny a few select domestic agents use them…now why do you think
    gangs have exploded here in the US in the last 40years…tell me whos got the blood on their hands now?…… really tell me. everyone drinking that democrat kool aid is just in denial
    they remind me of the child who becomes so enchanted with the butter fly that they cant resist trying to catch it to get a closer look and admire it face to face and ends up smashing to
    death….offer tax credits for people keep familys
    togeather….stop unreal child suport…put the equity back in american familys….stop oppressing
    people till they snap…..send all illeagle people
    back too their prospective country so they can hold their goverment accountable,because their destroying ours….stop affirmative action,lets have american action….and now that our country is over run with people just want too destroy it
    at least let us have equal rights to defend ourselfs and whats left of our familys…..well
    folks i better shut up now before the country i love starts calling me a terrorist