Kerry: Foreign students ‘scared’ of guns in U.S.

Students in other countries assessing where to study abroad are…

Students in other countries assessing where to study abroad are increasingly scared of coming to the United States because of gun violence, the nation’s top diplomat said Monday.

Speaking with CNN foreign affairs correspondent Jill Dougherty in Tokyo, Secretary of State John Kerry said he’d discussed the situation with officials there who said students felt unsafe in the United States.

“We had an interesting discussion about why fewer students are coming to, particularly from Japan, to study in the United States, and one of the responses I got from our officials from conversations with parents here is that they’re actually scared. They think they’re not safe in the United States and so they don’t come,” Kerry said.

He noted Japan’s restrictive gun laws – which prevent private ownership of nearly all firearms, including handguns – and said the country was safer “where people are not running around with guns.”

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  • ME

    Just go study in Mexico,where gun laws are the most restrictive in the world and decent people are killed every day,and no one does anything about it,just like Japan and the Japanese mafia that are allowed to carry guns.The same as the Mexican drug cartels they are allowed to carry their guns and use them all the time to kill thousands of school children,women,elderly and anything in between..Sorry,I forgot The U.S.Gov. provides the guns for the cartels,so it’s okay.You know, FAST AND FURIOS.

  • (whisper) Pssssst!! Stay home!

  • infinityshock

    this is BS. i went to FIT in florida and EVERY foreign student whom i had the conversation about guns with was more than excited about going to one of several local shooting ranges to shoot with

    what they were scared of was the local non-white community next door where internecine warfare was commonplace.

  • txairman 70

    So they should study somewhere else that doesn’t allow freedom of the people to protect themselves. Shut our borders and kick a bunch out at the same time

  • Sarge on Patrol

    I am a LEO. I have taught Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Irish, South Africans and Germans to shoot all kinds of pistols and rifles at the in-door range I moonlighted at. They can’t get enough trigger time when they are in the States. Most popular Glocks and MP-5’s.

  • The Professor

    Well, these days I’m afraid of foreign students, so I guess we’re even…

  • kiljoy616

    Are they scared of citizens with guns or the police running around with guns, there is a distinctions.

  • I’m a foreigner, I’m not scared of guns, and I’d like to come to study in the United States, but I know that the authorities would make my life impossible as soon as they’d know that guns are my field. So, niet.

    Of course the Japanese are scared of guns. But are they really? Are they? Because as far as I know, these are the same Japanese that spend their holidays in California and Hawaii – true shooters’ paradises, if compared with Japan – to spend their days at the range.

    Of course the anti-gun lobby, in both Countries, has interest in spreading bad publicity. But, seen what happened in the Senate two days ago, you should be smart enough to understand that the sweeping you dream of is just not going to happen. Vice-president Kerry, Senator Feinstein, just give up. It’s due time that you enjoy your retirement. American taxpayers will be glad to spend money on your retirement cheques, knowing that you’ll not be around damaging the Country anymore.

  • who cares, let them study in thier own countries then.

  • I an american taxpayer scared of my state dept. I guess were even.

    • toptwome


  • tornado

    They don’t feel safe because they are being harassed by homeland “security”, not because of guns…