Kidnapped in Iran, former FBI agent seen in new ‘proof of life’ plead (video).

A new "proof of life" video emerged Friday of former…

A new “proof of life” video emerged Friday of former FBI agent Robert Levinson who disappeared in Iran in 2007, the first substantial piece of public evidence that he is alive and being held as a captive by an unknown group.

In the video, posted by his family on their website, Levinson appears gaunt and says his diabetes medication is running out.

He does not name his captors but pleads for the United States to deal with them.

“I need the help of the United States government to answer the requests of the group that has held me for three and a half years,” he said, wearing a thin shirt and sitting on the floor in front of a rock facing.

“Please help me get home. Thirty-three years of service to the United States deserves something. Please help me,” Levinson said on the tape, his voice breaking.

Source: Brian Ross for ABC News.

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