Kidnapped woman was rescued by TSA Behavior Detection Officers Miami Intl. Airport (video).

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A woman who was beaten, kidnapped and brought to Miami International Airport by her assailants could have been forced to fly with them to New York – but two alert TSA agents noticed that something was wrong, authorities said.

In airport surveillance video obtained exclusively by NBC 6 South Florida, the victim is seen arriving at the terminal on July 5. She wore a scarf around her face to conceal the injuries sustained in an alleged beating, authorities said.

“When she came closer I realized she was black and blue on both sides of her face, her forehead. I noticed her shoulder looked like she had a big rug burn,” said a TSA officer named Ray, who did not want to use his full name nor show his face on television for security reasons. “Later on I found out from her that they had dragged her across the floor.”

Source: Willard Shepard for NBC Miami.

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