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  • Tom

    Moderated — disregard all reference to “problem” and 3 words “— back to Kimber” Tom

  • Tom

    I purchased a Crimson Carry about a month ago — what a ‘sweet’ concealed carry!!! My problem is finding a proper ‘thumb break’ concealed carry, high ride belt holster. CTD and High Noon don’t seem to have any, niether does El Paso nor Galco, nor Blackhawk! (Help, anyone??) I want one that is NOT open at the muzzle.
    Back to the Kimber — It fires like a dream, has very controllable recoil and is quick to bring back on target. The laser sight makes “point and shoot” second nature.

  • I just purchased a Kimber Pro Carry II LG Stainless. I love it, I was planning on purchasing the TSC but fell in love with the pro carry II. The laser sights are great! They are not exclusive to Kimber. Mine was under 1,100 out the door new.

  • Jim

    My local gun shop has the standard 3 models on order, shippments are expected from Kimber in late June or July. Special pricing will be in effect but may go up later. I am waiting on a pro model.

  • This is very intriguing. Is that a switch on the wood grip, in black? Is this gun just released? Do I call Kimber or Crimson to find out what dealer in my area will have access to this? What calibers is this available in?

    • Jenn

      You would call Kimber for the Crimson Carry and for the grips as they are exclusive to Kimber. That is the master on/off switch you see.