Kimber & The Expendables

Kimber's Product Manager of Pistols Winslow Potter kindly gave us…

Kimber’s Product Manager of Pistols Winslow Potter kindly gave us some information about Stallone’s pistols he used The Expendables:

The pistol for “The Expendables” movie was based off of our current Gold Combat II pistol but highly customized.

Instead of being Kimpro finished stainless however, the frame and slide were carbon steel, then mirror polished and hot blued. They wore mirror polished stainless small part accents.

We made a total of 10 identical pistols (other than serial numbers) for the movie and had a total of 3 weeks to make them start to delivery in order to get them to the ISS to do their appropriate modifications. My understanding is some were to be made blank firing, while others were to remain live fire pistols.

expendable-kimber-bThe smooth black Micarta magwell grips were a request by Mr. Stallone which we supplied from the factory.

Features included:
-24 LPI front strap checkering with border base.
-A high undercut trigger guard.
-30 LPI under trigger guard checkering.
-24 LPI flat top serrations on the slide
-Scalloped French shoulders blended the slide to frame.
-Special serial numbers

gold-combat-expendablesMirror polished parts:
-grip safety mainspring housing/magwell
-mag catch
-slide stop
-all pins
-bull barrel
-grip screws
-plunger tube
-front sight

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  • Two Gun Mojo

    And I bet you the guns that were to remain live fire are sitting in a gun safe in Casa De Stallone right now. This guy can kiss my sack.

  • Dan Mancuso

    It really sucks that Stallone has taken the anti-gun-nut stance publicly, with FUBARack Obama and anti-gun-nut democrats. Hypocrate!

  • Yoy

    on a 45cal single stack magazine, you can modify it to hold 9 rounds by changing the base pad and the follower so that would give him 9+1

  • Robert Lesslie

    I am interested in “TWO” of the “Expendable Kimber 45 ACP “. Can they be purchased ?

  • TheBigLubelsky

    K, so for those of you who are wodnering about his “speedy lil six shooter” its a modified Colt Single Action Army (SAA) with a shortened barrel (basically cut just short of the fixed front blade sight)and adorned with mini modifications (ie, the custom cut vented ports where the blade sight used to be)

  • WP

    All full size 1911’s in 45 ACP are capable of accepting an 8 round magazine that fits flush to the frame. It is common practice to load one into the chamber then add another round to the magazine which equals 9 rounds. This is referred to as 8+1 capability. Sylvester Stallone was true to the firing nature of the 1911. The pistol was 45ACP.

  • inerlogic

    “Now if someone could fill us in on the fast draw six gun he was fanning.”

    a custom Peacemaker

  • Josh

    in the us r version on dvd I slowmoed it and he shoot 9 continuous all shots over that are in multiple scenes.
    it is possible to get 9shot in .45 with an 8rd mag and 1 in the tube.
    I would call it a minor continuity problem as we never see him reload but we never see him not reload for the long off screen volleys.
    this is much better than most movies for instance die hard with a vengeance the knife victim guard shoots 13rd in a standard shotgun.
    said shotgun would hold 4-6 never over 10.
    I think it is a very good action movie and the knife throwing is the most outlandish and it is supposed to be close.

  • @Stephen, even if it was a 9mm, the full size Kimber is a single stack and the 9mm only holds 9 rounds… The compact 9mm holds 8 rounds.

    I’m sure it is just like other movies where they get 50 rounds out of a hand gun or 200 out of an AR-15…

    Regarding the package, I doubt Kimber will sell a gun like this. It is too flashy (IMO) and the production process would really lead to long delivery times and higher cost. I’d guess that a gun like that would have a retail of around $3000. The normal Gold Combat II retails for around $2100 – 2200.

  • dostyle

    nice!, where can you get these Mirror polished parts and features?..

  • I just recently went to see The Expendables. It was a pretty good movie compared to the junk that’s usually in theaters these days!!

  • Kyle

    I would love to do this to my tactical pro II I wonder if the aluminum lower would cause any problems? And could I get kimber to do it and for how much?

  • Stephen

    I’m wondering if it was a 9mm or a 45acp…cause when he changes the magazine that fast…he shoots 12 times per mag…Never seen a Kimber shoot that many times…and btw..they said Sly trained very hard to do that scene..kind of like Tom Cruise in Colletral with that quick draw and shoot with the 2 hoods in the alley.

  • What I want to know is, was that really him doing the magazine changes, or was that CGI?

  • Jack92476

    The revolver (fast draw six gun) is a Single Action Army based off of Colt 1873 and copied by many other gun companies. I’ll post some links,_The

  • Stephen

    I wonder if these options are being available for normal customers..and if Kimber plans to offer them as a setup package deal or anything?

  • C Broad Arrow

    Beautiful pistol…lousy movie!

  • jsallen

    Now if someone could fill us in on the fast draw six gun he was fanning.