Korea, US Marines exchange techniques during training

The Landing Force Support Party with the III Marine Expeditionary…

The Landing Force Support Party with the III Marine Expeditionary Force detachment at Combined Joint Logistics Over The Shore 2013 successfully completed its primary mission of facilitating and directing the offload of a maritime prepositioning force ship in the Republic of Korea April 28.

Immediately following the mission, the U.S. Marines joined their ROK Marine counterparts for bilateral training.

ROK Marine Landing Support Company, 1st Support Battalion, 1st Marine Division, hosted the LFSP for two days of training and knowledge-sharing April 28 and 30 at the ROK 1st Marine Division base near Pohang, Republic of Korea.

The LFSP was deployed to South Korea to participate in CJLOTS, a bilateral and joint maritime prepositioning force exercise. The MPF exercise demonstrated and improved the ROK and U.S. ability to generate and sustain force readiness and expeditionary operations.

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