Korean War vet, missing 60 years, returns home (video)

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After being declared missing in action for more than 60 years, a Korean War veteran was returned home on Wednesday.

Master Sgt. Ernest Grainger’s remains were flown into Charleston and then taken to Conway with his widow.

It’s likely Grainger died in the summer of 1950 while in Korea, but he wasn’t classified as dead until 1953. Even so, he was never found, and his family from Conway, was left to wonder all these years.

According to records of Grainger’s time in the Army, he was reported missing in action in 1950 after the 24th Infantry Division, 21st Infantry Regiment, K Company was deployed to an area along the Kum River in western South Korea. The unit was ordered to hold its position along the river so that retreating South Korean soldiers could move into more defensible positions further south.

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