Land mine, 1,050 firearms traded at Orlando’s Kicks for Guns program.

The 12th annual Kicks for Guns campaign was held Friday…

The 12th annual Kicks for Guns campaign was held Friday at numerous Central Florida locations.

Eight law enforcement agencies at nine locations participated in the event, which was headed up by the “Monsters in the Morning” on Real Radio 104.1.

Individuals can exchange an unloaded firearm for a pair of new tennis shoes or a gift card.

More than 1,050 guns had been received by law enforcement officials. Police also received a Vietnam War-era land mine and five samurai swords. Four of the returned guns were flagged as stolen.

“The idea is to remove unwanted guns from the community that can potentially become the target of thieves,” said Palm Bay police Officer Ron Lugo.

Anyone participating in the event was urged to place their unloaded firearms in a paper bag.

The Orlando Police Department held its campaign at 649 W. Livingston St.

Source: Click Orlando

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  • Eric

    Interesting. Check out Gary Kleck’s research on gun buybacks. He is a sociologist in the Criminology and Criminal Justice Program at Florida State University in Talahasse. He is a sociologist who has done some interesting research on this topic. As an introduction to his research, there are PDF’s of this articles available from the Second Amendment Foundation (, which has a specialized page archiving articles from its publication, THE JOURNAL ON FIREARMS AND PUBLIC POLICY. In addition to his research, there is an outstanding source of information on related topics of great importance to our times and the future. Topics range from history of gun control to consitutional research as well as ideological motivations of gun controllers to interesting topics like the early 1960’s Model Penal Code, which may have been one of the major sources of laws against self-defense and personal ownership of firearms in the 20th Century. As you readers know, the Past is the Present! Worth the effort to check out to inform and strengthen your best defensive tool – your mind.