LAPD Chief defends deadly shooting amid violent protests.

The LAPD initiated a Tactical Alert in the Westlake District…

The LAPD initiated a Tactical Alert in the Westlake District Tuesday after a second night of vilolent protests over the deadly officer-involved shooting of a knife-wielding man.

Several hundred people gathered on the streets of Westlake District near 6th and Union streets Tuesday night.

Protesters threw rocks, eggs and bottles at police officers. KTLA Sky 5 captured video of protesters rolling a burning dumpster at police.

Police reported 22 arrests, mainly for failure to disperse and unlawful assembly, Officer Karen Rayner said.

In the meantime, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck is defending the “use of deadly force” in the shooting.

Manuel Jamines, 37, was shot and killed by police on Sunday after officials say he threatened someone with a knife. Jamines was a Guatemalan day laborer, husband, and father of three.

Chief Beck told the Police Commission Tuesday that the officer who shot Jamines acted in self defense.

“This was a very brief moment in time, just 40 seconds between first contact and the time of the shooting,” Beck said.

Dozens of angry protesters began gathering outside the LAPD’s Rampart Community Police Station on West Sixth Street Monday afternoon shouting “Justicia!” which translates to “Justice!”

Protesters, however, said the man had been unarmed and was killed for no reason, but police say he was brandishing a knife.

Source: KTLA News

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