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  • Jdog

    about time you bastards! I have seen first hand in S.F. California the result of gangs and its bullshit.. We all know the C.I.A. allowed drugs (crack) to infest our communities, That sucks just let those drug dealers thrive so we can get to (his/her) source is wrong. screw that take everyone down we have the technology use it. Its not our decision to change, its higher than we can ever think of. The (Elite) controls whats going on and we sit here like sheep thinking its okay.. well its not.. wake up! times are changing and we need to change with them.. Those who say get rid of guns,they are bad. Get rid of gangs first, that means get rid of all black ops, dark ops, no name ops, those who supposidly fight for freedom but only slowly erode our (rights) to support their cause, sorry im off track get these gangs off the streets. Raid them all. get all these black market guns off the street!! If you understand this then your ahead of the game, if you think that this opens the door for other raids on your rights then fight back. I carry a ccw lic. and follow all the rules/laws that come with this responsiblity. I have this cause i have seen first hand the evil that is out in this world. I have the right to protect my family and i will do so! If you try and break my door down in the name of change and prosperity think again! I support all law enforcement that acts accordinly get all these bastards off the streets. at least make it a better place for our children please!!!