LaserMax starts shipping guide rod laser for the Springfield XDM.

LaserMax Inc. is now accepting orders for the highly anticipated…

LaserMax Inc. is now accepting orders for the highly anticipated Guide Rod Laser for the Springfield XDM full size 9mm and .40 cal. Since the announcement of the new addition to the Guide Rod Laser line, people have been asking when they can get their hands on this exciting new product – well, now’s the time! Simply visit to order, or head to a local dealer; product is shipping now.

LaserMax is the only manufacturer of the Guide Rod Laser. This innovative laser design has always provided for the most accurate and durable threat assessment available in a laser sighting system.

The Guide Rod Laser for the XDM, like all our Guide Rod Laser sighting systems, is user installed accurate with factory alignment and “no gunsmithing” required. Simply replacing the existing factory guide rod, spring, and takedown lever with our laser sighting system and patented activation switch and you gain immediate, reliable First Shot Confidence. Read more at

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