Drug Trafficking Training Course
Officers take part in a drug trafficking training course. (CREDIT: WSAZ.com)

Law Enforcement Officers Look to Destroy Detroit Drug Pipeline

Officers from Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia take part in training course to slow drug trafficking across state lines.

There is a well-know drug pipeline that filters south from Detroit and law enforcement officers are taking the proper steps to eliminate the state line drug trafficking.

Officers from Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia gathered in Huntington, W. Va., this week for a training course that offered up helpful tactics in slowing the current pipeline.

More than 140 officers participated in the course, which, according to WSAZ3, taught “new tip-offs to look for in traffic stops and more about how they can work together to stop criminals from trucking in drugs.”

Police said a large number of drugs have been confiscated coming into the Huntington area.

Last year, the Huntington Violent Crime Drug Task Force made 60 arrests, seized eight pounds of heroin and found more than $200,000 cash.

“Eighty-five percent or higher of drug stops, narcotics stops we’re getting are coming to West Virginia,” Ohio Highway Patrol Lt. Karla Taulbee told WSAZ3.

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