Law enforcement quits, leaving Mexico municipality of 4,000 without public safety.

Image: The Guadalupe y Calvo municipality was left without…


The Guadalupe y Calvo municipality was left without public safety personnel after members of organized crime organizations threatened to kill them early yesterday morning, report confidential sources. In the afternoon, a group of Ministerial Police traveled to the town to carry out patrol duties, although they are expected to arrive early this morning.

“We’re very scared, there’s no police and we’re at the mercy of sicarios (killers) because the few Judicial policemen don’t want to come out, they’re scared, too, and of course they’re afraid, because just a few days ago they killed their police chief in Baborigame,” says a resident. He stated that for some time the municipality has been in a state of fear because sicarios from Sinaloa are coming in through Morelos or through Dolores.

“The Army doesn’t do anything here, you see armed people everywhere, they know there are a lot of sicarios from Sinaloa but they don’t arrest them; they (the Army) have the means with which to do this, but it looks like they don’t want to, so, who else is going to (arrest) them?” said the complainant.

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