Lawsuit challenges Maryland’s handgun restrictions.

The gun rights advocates who successfully challenged the District of…

The gun rights advocates who successfully challenged the District of Columbia’s gun laws are now trying to do the same thing in Maryland.

The plaintiffs filed a lawsuit Thursday in U.S. District Court in Baltimore. It claims Maryland’s restrictions on handgun carry permits violate the Second Amendment.

Plaintiff Raymond Woollard was denied a permit to carry a handgun because he could not show he had been subject to “threats occurring beyond his residence.” His attorney says Woollard shouldn’t have to show a “good and substantial reason” to carry a gun, as is required in Maryland.

The lawsuit was also filed on behalf of the Bellevue, Wash.-based Second Amendment Foundation.

A spokeswoman for Attorney General Douglas Gansler declined to comment on the filing.

Source: WTOP

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  • Robert

    Maryland is the promised land for paroled felons, drug dealers, gangbangers, and illegals. It is not very nice for those of us who follow the law, pay taxes, and believe in the Constitution. As soon as I can sell my house I’m moving to Virginia a “Shall issue” state.

  • Bogie

    Maryland is more hospitable to drug dealers and criminals than it is to law abiding citizens,im glad i left that craphole.