Legislation to ban assault weapons moves forward in Illinois House committee.

Legislation to ban assault weapons passed through an Illinois House…

Legislation to ban assault weapons passed through an Illinois House committee Wednesday, a week after several concealed carry bills did the same.

Rep. Edward Acevedo, D-Chicago, is sponsoring legislation banning all Illinois residents from “knowingly” owning, selling, manufacturing, purchasing and possessing assault weapons, including certain weapon attachments. The House panel approved his initiative on a 7-to-4 vote.

Currently, Illinois residents seeking to acquire or possess any firearms must apply for a Firearm Owner’s Identification card, or FOID, from the Illinois State Police.

The legislation has caused mixed opinions among legislators. Some lawmakers think an assault weapon ban would be beneficial, while others see it as a nudge toward banning all guns.

State Rep. Al Riley, D-Hazel Crest, said he supports the ban. He said the weapons that are being banned in Acevedo’s legislation are not used in hunting, and banning them would be a safe measure to take.

However, he said, he does not believe all guns should be banned. He said issues need to be worked out between downstate representatives and Chicago-area lawmakers.

“This country was created with people having guns, but some of the firearms are just meant to kill people,” Riley said. “And I think that is where the distinction needs to be drawn.”

State Rep. Pat Verschoore, D-Milan, disagrees with Riley and said this is just another attempt to ban all guns in Illinois. He said the issues in Chicago are different than the issues in his district and the two cannot be compared.

Source: Ashley Badgley, Illinois Statehouse News for My Fox Illinois.

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  • Matt

    I’m not sure why they always use the excuse of if a firearm is used for hunting or not as the gauge of if we need the type of gun. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t say anything about hunting; it’s to keep citizens from becoming subjects under a tyrannical government. Only tyrants fear an armed society.