Legislature backs Chicago Mayor’s effort to crack down on gun violence.

Mayor Daley's gun control proposals are frequently shot down by…

Mayor Daley’s gun control proposals are frequently shot down by the General Assembly, but he won a rare victory Wednesday.

The Illinois Senate unanimously agreed to require those convicted of unlawful use of a weapon to serve one to three years in prison if the offender was carrying a loaded weapon with no valid Firearms Owners Identification card.

The House also approved the bill unanimously. It now awaits Gov. Quinn’s signature.

In a statement released after the vote, Daley hailed the bill as “another tool” to protect children and combat an outbreak of neighborhood violence that prompted two state lawmakers to suggest calling out the Illinois National Guard.

“This law reduces the threat of gun violence by sending a clear message that serious offenders will be held accountable and will not be let off scot-free as many of them are today,” he said.

Source: Fran Spielman for Chicago Sun Times

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